Hey welcome to my new web site. I decided it was time to take my music to the next level. For those of you that are curious I picked up my sisters guitar when I was 14 and have been on a musical journey ever since. I have studied music at university, played solo, duo, in many bands, in several big bands, and performed in a comedy duo. I have fallen in love with music, fallen out of love with music, and fallen back in love with it again.

About 5 years ago I tried recording an instrumental piece that I wrote. That opened a whole new world for me, the world of a singer, songwriter,  and independent recording artist. Now I have just released my 9th recording and have just signed a sync licensing contract to have my music placed in film and tv. Music is my passion and the older I get the more I love it.

My influences are The Beatles, Paul McCartney, Paul Simon, Neil Finn, Tim Minchin, and Tommy Emmanuel

Thank you for coming on my journey with me. I may even be able to help you with your first song if you are interested. I have two rules that I live by. Rule number 1 - music is joyful. Rule number 2 - refer to rule number 1.

You can contact me via email. mailto:info@gavanwaldbymusic.com